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Monograms 3 – 4 nights Pre/Post Travel or a Vacation – Travel Made Simple
Why would you choose a Monograms Vacation?  It’s easy, call us at 1-888-666-7279

What is Monograms?  You choose where you want to go, you select your hotels, personalize your experience, make the most
of your vacation, we’ll get you around making your traveling easy – included meals. Monograms is for new/experienced travelers!

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You Choose Where You Want To Go, spend a week in the city of your choice for an in-depth discovery—or just 3 nights for a relaxing mini-break. With Monograms, it’s easy to combine multiple destinations, like Paris and London, or to explore South & Central America.  From the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and the Great Wall of China to the wonders of Italy and the royalty of England, with Monograms, the world is waiting.

You Choose Your Hotels – we know that accommodations are of paramount importance to your vacation enjoyment. Monograms offers an impressive selection of hotels that are known for great location, amenities, and services.

You Personalize Your Experience because we know that your vacation is just that—your vacation. With that in mind, we help you truly personalize your getaway. With an outstanding collection of activities and excursions in each destination, Monograms gives you more choices, and that means your vacation will be exactly what you want it to be! Most Monograms vacations include sightseeing and orientation in each city, so you don’t miss the must-see sights. Monograms lets you personalize your vacation by adding your own set of activities and excursions throughout your vacation!

Make The Most Of Your Vacation because on a Monograms independent vacation, we’ll help you feel right at home in your destination—even if it’s your first time visiting there! Before you leave, you’ll receive a Trip Planner complete with key information. Then, once you arrive at your destination, friendly, professional Local Hosts are on hand to provide you with a Destination Guide, to offer hints and recommendations to help you get the lay of the land, and to ensure you have what you need to make the most of your time.

We’ll Get You Around & We Make Traveling Easy, you’ve spent three wonderful days in city “A” but now you need to get to city “B.” You get a train schedule from the front desk and try to figure out the best time to travel. Where is the train station anyway? And you’ll need transportation to get you to your transportation. What if you’re in Asia? You’ll need a flight to get from Tokyo to Beijing. All of this sounds extremely time consuming with much room for error. But not with Monograms. When you buy a Monograms package, all intra-city transportation is included in your package price, not only for a great value but for a lot less hassle while you are on vacation. All aboard!!

Included Meals on vacations to Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, South America, and Africa include breakfast. Breakfast is a buffet (B) and is listed on each itinerary page. In general, lunches and dinners are not included in your Monograms vacation. Your Local Host will have a number of suggestions for dining—after all, one of the best ways to learn about other cultures is to eat like the locals do!

Everyone is talking about Monograms the unique style of Monograms travel has really hit a chord with people of all ages and backgrounds. Hear firsthand from travelers to see if Monograms really is right for you (pssst…it is!).