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Hi, I’m Sharon Atchley and Bienvenue a French at a Touch Travel Services! As a full time Travel Agent, promoting travel to France for the last sixteen years, and a River Cruise Specialist for the past eight years, we offer the best travel suppliers in the travel industry, and the best travel deals for all your travel needs for one person or for groups small or large. We’re here to help with your travel plans and to create the ultimate vacation package just for you. We’ll find the right cruise or land tours to fit your budget as well as your needs, for that special dream destination, whether by river, by land, or by sea!   French at a Touch offers you ‘FREE Travel Resources‘, and numerous FREE Travel Articles plus FREE Travel Brochures and for helpful travel information for France, that also applies to all countries worldwide and a FREE Insurance Quote for your travel.


At French at a Touch, you also have the option to BOOK Your Own Independent Vacation Package, Day Tours and Passes from 1 to 4 Day tours in Paris or other France Regions, Belgium, England, Germany, Spain – all of Europe, with the easy self-booking engines. Don’t waste your precious travel time after you arrive in France or other countries, to buy passes and tickets to visit the top monuments, museums and attractions in Paris and France.

ALL Major Cities Major Monuments and Tourist Attractions have LONG LINES making it imperative to pre-book your day tours before leaving home!  We offer you the knowledge to do things efficiently saving you the traveler precious travel time in whatever country you visit.  Ultimately this will not only save you time, but also money!  Bienvenue a French at a Touch Travel.

Thank you for visiting French at a Touch Travel Services and we’ll do our best to make your next River Cruise or Vacation in France, Europe or Worldwide travel experience an exceptional one!  Please contact us with your Cruise or Land Inquiry or Travel Question individual Request Forms throughout the website.

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    The following items are should be reviewed before you travel abroad.  This is generic information for travel to all countries, and musts to know and be
aware of before you leave home.  This is also need to know info to get through airline check-in and customs quickly – what is and isn’t allowed in carry-
on bags and what can be stowed in checked luggage, to keep the lines moving at the airport – planning ahead is essential today.

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